The Shakespeare Youth Project
Two humor-filled, audience-participation plays that introduce students to the works of William Shakespeare.

Written and Performed by Rebecca Salomonsson


Shakespeare's Fools
Join Susanna Shakespeare as she tours students through three of her father's best known plays with humor, wit, and warmth.  Students learn about the fools of Shakespeare's plays and participate in the fun by joining Susanna on stage to act out characters from A Midsummer Night's Dream,  stage a condensed Romeo and Juliet, and experience As You Like It with an all male cast.  This entertaining, eucational experience has been consistently rated "excellent" by teachers and students. *Recommended for 3rd grade and up.


Shakespeare’s Scoundrels
Lady Macbeth comes alive to lead students into the villainous minds of Macbeth, Richard III, and others.  With a comical defense of herself against claims that she is the true villain of her own play, she introduces her audience to the dark psyche of her fellow miscreants.  Students participate by playing the villains, joining a self-help group for scoundrels, and voting on the Most Wicked Scoundrel Award.    


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"We really enjoyed it! The kids LOVED the participation piece of it. They were so excited. Rebecca did a wonderful job acting her parts, presenting the information, and she handled the kids really well. It was a great sampling of plays with ample opportunity for kids to participate." 
-Laura Kennedy, Parker Core Knowledge Charter School

"This young woman was extraordinarily talented and witty and the kids and adults alike loved it. Thouroughly delightful, wonderful way with kids!"
-Truth Christian Academy, 8th grade teacher 

“Our students were entranced!  I highly recommend Rebecca’s thoughtfully presented “’Shakespeare’s Fools.’” 
-Susan Trimm, Corey/Merrill Gifted and Talented Specialist

Shakespeare’s Scoundrels and Shakespeare’s Fools both run approximately one hour.  They are well suited to audiences of between 75 and 150 students, however larger or smaller audiences can be accommodated.  The cost per performance is $150. 

Rebecca also offers hour-long workshops on Acting Shakespeare that can be tailored to fit the needs of students of any age.  The cost per workshop is $60.

Rebecca Salomonsson studied at the National Shakespeare Conservatory in New York and at the University of Massachusetts where she earned a BA in Theatre Arts.  While in Boston, she participated in “Shakespeare in Our Schools” led by Shakespeare & Company of Lennox, MA.  Most recently, she studied with Janet Suzman of the Royal Shakespeare Company. Rebecca has been acting for twenty-three years, teaching for thirteen, and writing for most of her life.

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